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Bird City Texas (BCT):

Audubon Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife started this community-focused certification program in our state to help people protect birds and their habitats where we live, work, and recreate. The criteria required to attain certification are designed to be impactful and efficient against habitat loss and other harmful factors impacting birds. Click here to learn about BCT.


The Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club and The Lower Trinity Basin- Texas Master Naturalists are key partners in the City of Mont Beliveu's quest for Bird City Texas certification in 2024.
Where birds thrive, people thrive and prosper!


Birding in Mont Belvieu:

Explore our beautiful parks and natural areas ideal for bird watching and bird documenting. From serene trails to lush green spaces, Mont Belvieu offers a diverse habitat for avian species. Visit any one of the Mont Belvieu city parks and tell us what birds you have discovered. You can log and share what birds you spot around town on eBirdClick here to share your bird sightings.

Join the Lower Trinity Valley Bird Club for the Hackberry Gully Regional Park Evening Bird Walk. The walks are open to experienced and beginning birders -loaner binoculars are available!  Click here for bird walk information

Local Birding Locations

Bird-related Citizen Science Projects


Birding Events


Chambers County is one of the top birding destinations in Texas with over 380 species of birds with thousands of wintering ducks and raptors. In Spring and Fall over 60% of North America’s Migratory bird species travel through our area.


 Bird Lists

Local Nature Organizations, Parks, and Wildlife Refuges:

Mont Belvieu offers nature organizations that provide many educational and volunteer opportunities.  Our area has excellent national wildlife refuges, parks and nature centers with outstanding recreational opportunities including hiking, fishing, boating, paddling, photography, and the enjoyment of wildlife/nature

 Nature Organizations


Parks and Wildlife Refuges


Bird City Network:

Learn about the Bird City Network and its mission to promote bird conservation efforts across municipalities. Explore how Mont Belvieu is actively participating in this network to support bird populations and biodiversity. Click here to visit the Bird City Network website. 

World Migratory Bird Day:

Join us in celebrating World Migratory Bird Day, a global event dedicated to raising awareness about migratory birds and their conservation. Discover how Mont Belvieu is participating in this event through educational programs and community activities. Click here to learn more about World Migratory Bird Day.

Threats to Birds:
Since 1970, the North American bird population is down by 2.9 billion breeding adults, with devastating losses among birds in every biome.  Forests alone have lost 1 billion birds.  Grassland bird populations collectively have declined by 53%, or another 720 million birds.

The greatest threat to birds, and all wildlife, continues to be loss and/or degradation of habitat due to human development and disturbance.  For migratory birds and other species that require multiple areas for wintering, breeding, and stopover points, the effects of habitat loss can be complex and far-reaching.

The five major threats to birds (click on the links for more information):


#1.  Habitat Loss -what can YOU DO?

  1. Use native plants in your landscape.

  2. Support Mont Belvieu as a Bird City Texas

  3. Visit and support local parks and wildlife refuges.


 #2.  Window Collisions -what can YOU DO?

  1. Modify any of your windows that have bird collisions.

  2. Place your bird feeder within 10 feet of the windows.

  3. Simple adjustments to your windows can save birds’ lives.


#3. Cats Outdoors  -what can YOU DO?

  1. We love our cats! Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives.

  2. Keep your pet cats indoors.

  3. Do not support feral cat colonies.


 #4. Lights during Peak Migration -what can YOU DO?

  1. Turn-off your indoor and outdoor lights during migration

  2.  Support Lights-out Texas


#5. Lack of Public Interest and Concern for Birds  -what can YOU DO?

  1. Share your pride of Mont Belvieu- Bird City Texas

  2. Watch Birds, share what you see!

  3. Learn more about birds.

  4. Bird watchers are one of science’s most vital sources of data.     

  5. Join and support local nature clubs and organizations.

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